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Your peace of mind, your protection and that of your loved ones are the essential things to which we contribute. We will show you the guarantees best suited to your situation and with the most competitive prices on the market. Our multiple partnerships with more than 20 insurance companies allow us to compare and select one or two offers to save you time and money. SERENASSUR’s insurance offers are built around the building craftsman; while knowing how to respond to requests from individuals and other professionals. The SERENASSUR brokerage firm registered with the RC of Paris aims to be the recognized partner for the adaptability of its offer to the realities of the Building Craftsman. And to achieve this, he relies on the universal values ​​of respect for the word given, and greater availability. All of our quotes are free, and you can also get some of them online.

We compare with you and we accompany you until the conclusion of your insurance contract. And even during the year we assist you in your relationship with your insurer.


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Finding the best insurance contract can be long and tedious. This is why Serenassur was launched to trivialize information and give you the means to choose the coverage that you think is necessary. Our ambition is to make it easier for you to read and understand insurance guarantees, and to defend the interests of policyholders in compliance with the rules that govern our profession.